Scientific topics

You may select one or more of these topics when submitting your abstract.

  1. Radiation physics and chemistry
  2. Radiation dosimetry
  3. Radiation effect modifiers
  4. Radiation effects of high-LET radiation
  5. Molecular biophysical approaches of radiation effects
  6. Repair of radiation induced DNA damage
  7. Radiation-induced inter- and intracellular signalling
  8. Cell cycle control and apoptosis
  9. Non-targeted effects of ionising radiation: genomic instability, bystander effects and adaptive response-mechanisms
  10. Delayed and epigenetic effects of ionising radiations
  11. Individual radiosensitivity and radiosusceptibility
  12. Radiation-induced carcinogenesis, cancer risks
  13. Radiation effects on the immune system
  14. Radiation effects on the brain
  15. System biology
  16. Epidemiology of radiation effects
  17. Low dose effects/protracted dose effects; low doses and the LNT model
  18. Hormetic effects of exposures to ionizing radiation.
  19. Biological dosimetry
  20. Stem cells and radiation
  21. Radiation protection
  22. Radiation emergency medical preparedness and response
  23. Radon exposure and remediation
  24. Effects of ionising radiation on the environment:radioecology, radiation effects on non-human biota
  25. Radiation therapy, immunotherapy, hyperthermia, combined modalities
  26. Optimisation of medical exposures
  27. Normal tissue effects
  28. Treatment of normal tissue injury as applied to both radiation accidents and radiotherapy
  29. Radiation effects on tumor angiogenesis, cytokines, chemokines
  30. New radiotherapeutic approaches: gene therapy - unconventional ionising radiations
  31. Pre-clinical and clinical high LET radiobiology, proton radiobiology
  32. Space radiation
  33. Radioactive waste management
  34. UV-irradiation
  35. Electromagnetic radiations
  36. Laser driven ionizing radiation
  37. Ultrashort light sources
  38. Radiation and the metabolic syndrome
  39. Radiation and exosomes
  40. Other topics